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To buy some Blueware click a picture below and follow the ordering instructions.

Each item is a unique piece of Richard Baxter's work, made and glazed by hand.

Blueware is available from stock or made to order in about a month and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Blue Glaze Collection
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One off teapot b010 One off teapot b010 One off jug b020 One off cup b030 One off mug b040
One off teapot One off teapot One off jug One off cup One off mug
Large jug b050 Medium jug b060 Small jug b070 Very small jug b080 Three jugs b060 b070 b080
Large jug Medium jug Small jug Very small jug Three jugs
Teapots b090 and b100 Mug b110 Short Mug b120 Leigh on Sea mug b130 Large goblet b170
Teapots Mug Short mug Leigh on sea mug Large goblet
Small goblet b180 Cappuccino b190 Tea cup b200 Espresso b210 Cereal b220 Pasta b230
Small goblet Cappuccino Teacup Espresso Cereal and pasta bowls
Soup b240 Lasagna b250 Ramekin b260 Large dinner plate b270 Dinner plate b280
Soup bowl Lasagna Ramekin Large dinner plate Dinner plate
Plates b280 b290 Side plates b290 Store jars b300 b350 b310 Jars b320 b330 b340 Bread crock b360
Plates Side plates Store jars Jars Bread crock
Butter dish b370 Garlic b380 Spaghetti b390 Salt pigs b410 b400 Salt and pepper b420
Butter dish Garlic Spaghetti Salt pigs Salt and pepper
Pie dish b430 Souffle b440 Dip dish b450 Casserole large b460 Casserole medium b470
Pie dish Souffle Dip dish Large casserole Medium caserole
Casserole small b480 Large platter b490 Lemon squeezer b500 Cuttlery b510 Utensils b520 Cylinder vases b530-b560
Small caserole Large platter Lemon squeezer Cutlery and utensils Cylinder vases
Conical vases b570-b600 Barrel vases b610-b640 Bottle vases b650-b680 Fruit bowl XL b690 Fruit bowl L b700
Conical vases Barrel vases Bottle vases Extra large fruit bowl Large fruit bowl
Fruit bowl M b710 Fruit bowl S b720 Oil burner b730 Candlesticks b740 Candle holder b750
Fruit bowl Fruit bowl Oil burner Candlesticks Candle holder
Wall vases b760 b770 Plant pot L b780 Plant pots b780 b800 b790 Pan and saucer L b810 Pan and saucer M b820
Wall vases Plant pot Plant pots Large pan and saucer Medium pan and saucer
Pan and saucer S b830 Pans b820 b830 Planter and base L b840 Planter and base S b850 Clock b860
Small pan and saucer Pans Large planter and base Small planter and base Clock
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