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Old Leigh Studios is in the heart of Old Leigh in EssexOld Leigh in Leigh on Sea is situated on the north bank of the Thames about 30 miles east of London.

Aside from Old Leigh Studios there are many other reasons to visit the charming old fishing village in Leigh on Sea.

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The old town of Leigh on Sea has a distinguished heritage. It was mentioned in the Doomsday book where it was called 'Legra'. From these humble beginnings Leigh on sea grew into an important port, benefiting from the busy sea trade up the Thames to London. The Mayflower is believed to have docked at Leigh-on-Sea to take on provisions and passengers before it's epic voyage to the new world with the Pilgrim Fathers.

Conspiracy theorists will try to convince you that the whole village is riddled with smuggler's tunnels where the local banditry laid low with stocks of contraband liquor and lace while numerous press gangs sharpened their cutlasses on the so called 'cutlass stone' in the local church graveyard.... you get the picture.

More seriously, the fishermen of Leigh are famous for their heroic attempts to rescue British soldiers stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk. A memorial in St Clements churchyard stands as a reminder of their bravery and sacrifice.

Leigh on Sea boasts London's nearest beach, and many visitors travel down at the weekend to enjoy the sea air, gorgeous sunsets, and appreciate the beauty of Old Leigh with its cobbled streets and pretty clapboard cottages.

Leigh on Sea is also famous for its shellfish. As you can see below there is a small but active fleet of cockle boats, which keep alive the reputation of Leigh as the epicentre of the world cockling trade. The picturesque cockle sheds are home to many old Leigh families who have followed this trade for generations.

The sheds (this is a picture of Osborne's shellfish stall) are open daily selling a wide variety of seafood including local specialities such as cockles, mussels, whelks, winkles and shrimps as well as crabs, prawns and lobsters.

Old Leigh is also famous for its pubs. The Crooked Billet has a particularly fine range of real ales and is featured in the CAMRA real ale guide. The pubs are also the focus of much of the cultural life of the old town. One of the best folk clubs in the country, the Hoy at Anchor meets at The Ship pub just over the railway track.

St Ives of the East

Because of the large number and high quality of practising artists in the town, many people now refer to Leigh on Sea as the St. Ives of the East.

Old Leigh is host to numerous festivals including the Leigh Art Trail, the Leigh Folk Festival (always featuring The Famous Potatoes) and the Old Leigh Regatta.

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