Cylinder vases - T540B
Richard Baxter Terracotta

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    Cylinder vases

To order cylinder vases :
Phone me now on 01702 470 490 or email
Please quote reference t540b

Prices in the UK:
£40 £20 and £10 each + postage and packing which is charged at 20% of total order price subject to a £3.50 minimum.
Large or sensitive deliveries can be sent by courier and we can discuss this at the time you place your order. Please call +44 (0)1702 470 490 or email me to discuss non-UK orders

Approximate Dimensions:
b540 Large = 230mm high (shown)
b550 Medium = 160mm high
b560 Small = 120mm high

 These cylinder vases are also available in Blueware

Handmade - Most items in the terracotta range are repeatable, although you need to allow for the fact that each piece is made and glazed by hand and therefore some variations will naturally occur. Each item is a unique piece of Richard Baxter's work.

'One Off' - Some pieces which are identified as 'one off' are of a completely individual nature. Please contact me to discuss currently available pieces.

Timescales - Many orders can be fulfilled from stock, especially in this popular range, however pieces made to order will take approximately one month. I'll discuss this with you when you place your order.

Durability - All terracotta ware is dishwasher and microwave safe and designed for daily use.

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