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Richard developed these pieces by observing the rippling and layering that occurs in nature.
Water in motion - water moves as waves roll and swell, while the surface forms ripples. Macro and micro scales.

Geological formations - strata are exposed or shifted by seismic activity and erosion. Glacial features also display cracks and bands of crevasses.
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Rift Valley
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The bowls are thrown on the wheel, then cut and reformed by a unique technique developed by Richard Baxter. After two years of exploration this rich seam increasingly bears fruit. Striking work, finished in a range of glazes developed specifically to enhance the forms and hint at their sources of inspiration.

The tracings left by the ebbing tide and the awesome forces that produce patterns in the rock are the influences underlying these unique one off pieces.

Wave/strata bowls are one of Richard Baxter's most successful ranges and are made on a one-off basis.

To order your own unique Wave/Strata pottery contact Richard Baxter on +44 (0) 1702 470 490

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